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Super Gremlin Society is made up of disruptive creatures that can take anything negatively formed against them and turn it into their power, knowledge, and skills. Together, the Super Gremlins form a courageous, bold, and resilient collective. It’s the society initiated by Jeremy Ryan’s Inspiring Journey – from Brain Cancer to Real-Life Superhero.

About the Artist

Jeremy Ryans

aka NFT Demon

Jeremy was diagnosed with brain cancer, along with cancer throughout his body, and told he had zero chance of survival. His battle against cancer resulted in a medical miracle. He not only survived cancer but was also transformed into a remarkable artist. His story is even more remarkable because, before his diagnosis, he had little interest in art and no detectable artistic ability. As he battled his unlikely way to remission, a profound change occurred in his brain.

He emerged with artistic talent that, he said, “felt almost out of body.” How was such an inspiring change possible? Medical science attributes it to neuroplasticity. If an area in the brain becomes damaged, the brain can reroute processes by developing new neurological pathways.
In Jeremy’s case, he developed the ability to see the world through his own creative lens and represent it in unique digital art.

Now creating Art NFT Collections is his passion. And it shows. Within a month of entering Binance Smart Chain, he became the largest artist on the entire chain. Jeremy boasts six exceptional collections, including Cartel Punks, Bad Ass Doggos and GamingShiba. Those three NFT collection are owned by Eminem. The Super Gremlin Collection is Jeremy’s first collection on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Join Today!

Own Your Power. Join the Super Gremlin Society.

• Super Gremlin Society features 10,000 Super Gremlins.
• A percentage allocated to Cancer-related non-profit research.
• All buyers get early access to future Ethereum launches by NFT Demon and team.



• A whitelist is a guarantee that an individual can mint an NFT
• To be verified on the whitelist connect your wallet.
• Please note that there is a limited number of spots.



• Will begin presale when 5,000 whitelist spots are verified
• Pricing for NFT will be shared during the pre-sale notification
• Presale is only available for those who are verified.


Public Sale

• When 5,000 Super Gremlins NFT are purchased in presale, the countdown to the public sales begins.


Contribution and Special Offering

• In May we will donate a portion of NFT sales for Brain Cancer Awareness month.
• Hold NFT for 3 months to receive access to special events in the metaverse.
• Specialty NFT offerings.


Frequently Asked

Ethereum is a technology that’s home to digital money, global payments, and applications. The community has built a booming digital economy, bold new ways for creators to earn online, and so much more. It’s open to everyone, wherever you are in the world – all you need is the internet. –

Gas pricing is needed when purchasing an NFT firsthand, also known as minting. The fee is to cover the computational effort to create new tokens on the blockchain. The gas fee goes towards the miners who create and uphold blocks on the Ethereum blockchain. The more “gas” you provide, the faster your purchase should go through on the blockchain. We recommend using to get an idea of prices.

MetaMask is a digital wallet that connects you to the decentralized web. It allows you to interact, buy, and sell digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs, and it works right through your browser.

Transacting on Ethereum will always come at a cost. We have warned many times that trying to purchase when gas is super high can result in failed transactions which is not a fault on our side. You have to be aware there is a risk of loss of funds if your transaction fails. This is Ethereum miners trying to get the most they can get and to a certain degree your fellow community members competing for the mints. Which means when someone is sending a transaction with a higher gas than you then your transaction will most likely fail. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about failed transactions or lost ETH. We apologize for the experience but we are physically not able to do anything about the situation.

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